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Subtly Chic, Boho Undercover & Creative Elegance

October 25, 2019

Subtly Chic, Boho Undercover & Creative Elegance

I've been asked about our color scheme - why the subtle yet limited tones? Why not vibrant rainbow colors honoring 60's hippies? We have an answer for that...of course we do! 

Take note of the name "Undercover Hippie." What's in a name? For us it means we get to honor what's inside in a unique or subtle exterior way that is different from Hippie style of past. Boho chic is an elevated bohemian aesthetic. It is a classic bohemian look with a more sophisticated level. It is more urban-focused vs. traditional ethnic beginning. It favors a natural color palette and luxe fabrics. It is a feeling, a memory trapped in gorgeous flowing textiles that draws upon memories of who you were or are or want to be. 

The modern bohemian is more 'undercover' than those who wandered before her. Her neutral palette and urban-chic-yoga-earth loving flair with a hint of wild begs you know her story and yet leaves room for imagination. And yes, it's sustainable clothing, made of the finest fabrics right here in the United States. Could we make cheap clothing? Sure! Anyone can. In true bohemian core spirit, we are honoring our mother [earth] the best way we know how and that does come with a higher price tag. It's worth it, I believe it and so do our followers. It's important. We are not singing from the rooftops about sustainability or crushing dreams of those who are no creating in the USA, it's just 'our thing' and we don't aim to please everyone but we do aim to hold strong to our values. In this day and age, we believe it is essential. 

So what's in a color scheme? Well in ours are earthy tones, feminine grays, chic black and rose gold. If you want a bright yellow t shirt with glitter on it, we're not for you and that is Ok! Be you, always, without excuse or reason to change. We support you in your journey...but of course if you decide to sway our direction, we'd be happy to have you in our tribe! 

Peace + Love 



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Sizing Suggestions

In most cases, we suggest ordering size based on your personal preferred fit. After all, the boho lifestyle is based on comfort and ease. You should feel good in what you wear! But, if you still have questions, please contact us, we're hip to help you find your perfect fit!

*All sizes are a general guideline and not a guarantee. Our goal is to create sizing that flatters and fits your personal preference. 

OSFS/One Size Fits Small = Generally, US Size 0-2 (22-26" waist)

OSFM/One Size Fits Most = Generally, US Size 4 and up

XS/SM = Comfortably fits US Size 4 and below (for larger cup sizes, we suggest sizing up one size)

SM/MD = Comfortably fits US Size 4 to US 8

MD/LG = Comfortably fits US Size 8 to US Size 12

LG/XL = Comfortably fits US Size 12 and up

MD/LG/XL = Size attributed to jumpsuits. These are very flowy and roomy. Our sizing is based on different fits for different folks style. Comfortable to size 14 and beyond. 

Small = size 0 -4

Medium = 4- 8

Large = 8 - 12

XLarge = 12 and above depending on item

We are not size obsessed. We design based on comfort + fit + style.

When we feel items run small or large, we note this on the item description with suggestions to size up/down accordingly.